Every Voice.Every Neighborhood.

Jason Critchlow is the right person for South Bend’s future – taking South Bend’s momentum to the next level for your family and the entire community.

Every Voice. Every Neighborhood.

Jason Critchlow is the right person to take South Bend's momentum to the next level, for every family and the entire community.


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Building An Inclusive South Bend

I am running for mayor because I love South Bend. I grew up here, and now I’m raising my family here. South Bend has made great progress, and we must build on that momentum – and ensure all of our citizens are benefiting from it. Together, we can continue to see the people of South Bend grow and prosper.

South Bend is experiencing great progress, and the focus for the next four years needs to be taking that momentum to every neighborhood and every corner of the city, while ensuring all voices have a seat at the table of our future.

I love South Bend and have fully invested myself in our community. Like many families, I am dependent upon its future success. South Bend is where I was born, raised, received my education, worked, and is where I am raising my family. I am running because I want South Bend to be a place where my children also want to raise their family.

I believe we need someone with my professional and community experience, along with my reputation for hard work, to take our momentum to the next level, not just for my family, but for every family in this city.

The importance of hard work and community service was demonstrated to me from an early age by my family, most specifically my father, a retired South Bend Police Officer.

Not only did he teach me to work hard and create opportunities, he also taught me that it’s important to always try to leave something better than you found it, especially the community in which you live.

I know what its like for those who struggle to make ends meet and the real life difficulty they have when trying to better themselves. I want to make sure that every kid growing up in South Bend has the same opportunity that I have –- to work hard, create opportunities and give back along the way.

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    With Jason as Mayor, the people of South Bend will always have someone who’s got their back, who listens to their concerns, and who works tirelessly to help every member of our community.