We will have major challenges and obstacles to overcome. But with every voice and every neighborhood represented, we will overcome those challenges together.


Neighborhood Investment & Revitalization

Downtown is the heart of any city, but the neighborhoods are the soul. In order to continue attracting and retaining individuals to our city, we must make significant and intentional investments into our neighborhoods. Sidewalk, streetlight and street repair are just some of the ingredients for a revitalized neighborhood. The city must also play an active role in assisting neighborhoods with major issues that affect entire blocks of homes, such as drainage, public safety and irresponsible home ownership. With some languishing more than others, redevelopment and progress should touch every neighborhood in order to provide safe, affordable housing in our community.


Economic Development

South Bend has made major strides under Mayor Buttigieg, attracting and retaining businesses. He has used tools like public-private partnerships and support for businesses large and small to achieve that end.

We must continue this important work – but it must be focused on lifting the fortunes of all our citizens. We can do this by focusing our investments on training and entrepreneurship programs for communities who have yet to see the benefits of South Bend’s recovery. Everyone must have a seat at the table in order to achieve these goals.


South Bend Schools

A strong and healthy school system is essential in attracting and retaining both families and businesses to our city. As a product of the South Bend School Corporation, I know how critical that is to our success. . The city must support our school system with the resources it needs to meet the the academic, family, and health needs of students. We know that schools are not just what happens in classrooms – they are at the center of our communities.

We know that our current federal and state governments are cutting their support for education – our city will step in and fill those gaps.


Public Safety

Everyone deserves to be safe in South Bend, and we can only achieve that goal by working together.

Our police department must continue to build relationships with the citizens they serve. We also must continue to ensure that officers are coming from their communities. As the son of a policeman, I know the tremendous good that a police officer can do. I also know that we cannot continue to improve our city without transparency and community partnerships.

Public safety is more than just policing. We need to do more to break a system of mass incarceration that’s much bigger than South Bend. As in all parts of my administration, I believe representation is critical. With all of our diverse community at the decision-making table, we will achieve the safe and happy South Bend we all want.


City Finances

Budgets are not just numbers on the page – they are statements of priorities. There is no question that there are challenges facing our city’s finances, and we we must have an honest discussion about how we will confront them together. When working with the Common Council to address these challenges, I will be guided by my values. Education, public safety and responsible growth through investments in our citizens will always be my priorities.


Public Health

I am a strong advocate for sustainability and good environmental stewardship – both directly affect our quality of life and our future. I will seek to build upon South Bend’s commitment to sustainability and believe in addressing public health issues with a coalition-building approach. We must get the lead out of our homes and neighborhoods, continue to address illegal drug use as the public health crisis it is, and continue to provide opportunities for our citizens to enjoy our beautiful city.